Big Drama Club 2022

Due to continuing covid awareness, the number of people allowed in the rehearsal room is limited. Please speak with your customers / group members about who might want to get involved; and contact us with names so that we can get them on a list and also keep track of numbers. At present, we expect that the staff, crew and participants can total no more than 35 people (though this might change). This capacity is set by the managers at Oblong (Woodhouse Community Centre).

Big Drama Club will start again in Autumn 2022. Dates to be announced ASAP.


Here are some photographs from behind the scenes ... taken during rehearsals for our new show for 2022, "Sheets Across The Streets".

Thanks to Elaine Walton for taking these wonderful photographs.


Big Drama Club History

Running since 2013, ‘Big Drama Club’ brings people together to make a show. Working as a group, we start with drama games, acting training and storytelling. Over time, a full-scale original show is devised and rehearsed; and finally performed at stage@leeds and sometimes beyond!

All our Big Drama Club shows can be found on our timeline.

We work hard to ensure that everyone has a part to play, both onstage and off; and that all people can share their ideas and be heard. Countless times, audience members tell us how impressed and moved they are, seeing the participants' talents shine through (#abilitiesnotdisabilities remember!) and how empowered they become by working in a professional theatre environment, where everyone receives the support that they need to do their very best.

"It totally exceeded my expectations. Look, I've got goose-bumps just thinking about it!"

Rebecca Spoors - Aspire CBS Centre Manager

The Big Drama Club won the Aspire CBS customer award in 2019 for Best Creative Project (Return of the King).

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