Where’s the Patient’s Voice? International Medical Conference Vancouver

"One of our fundamental goals is to ‘unmask’ the individual - to see the person behind their condition."

John Hudson - Bright Sparks Artistic Director

Following the successes of our collaborations with Aspire CBS, Leeds PCC (Patient Carer Community) and Leeds Institute of Medical Education, we were asked to share our techniques and ideas at ‘Where’s the Patient’s Voice 10 years on?’.

Demonstrating the use of drama as an educational tool, we delivered a formal spoken presentation and an interactive drama workshop. Here we were able to share our experience of working alongside people with learning disabilities, and placing them in the role as teachers; with particular focus on improving communication skills in healthcare.

The event was a positive and humbling experience for Bright Sparks. We even received a standing ovation for our contributions in the final day’s evaluation seminar.

"When working with people whose communication is non-conventional the use of theatre and arts to aid communication is an obvious choice, as the arts themselves use non-conventional ways of communicating."

Marc Walton [Bright Sparks Technical Manager]

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