was Bright Sparks' 2021 end-of-year show, which saw two sold out performances in December, one at stage@leeds and the other at Leeds Playhouse.

And it's back for 2022 by popular demand.
See our What's Going On page for details.

It’s Christmas day. Everyone is full up and there’s still loads of food left over.
We can’t be bovved playing cards ... or charades. Such a shame that the telly is bust.

But hang on! With the help of Professor Brian Sox and Wavey Mavey the quantum fairy, we can create a magic telly. And why not invite all our favourite TV stars out of the screen for a piece of cake and a nice cup of tea? What could go wrong?


Our show was made in collaboration with members of Leep1 and AspireCBS.

This project has been made possible by our partners and our funders. We thank you sincerely for your valued support.

We have collected people's comments about Nice To See You ... click here to find them on our quotes page.

Thanks to Marc's mum, Colleen's mum, Janine Blumler and Jan Wells (plus others - you know who you are!) for taking the photos.

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